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Precision, airborne deployed, GPS guided standoff torpedo

A standoff delivery system is responsive to GPS coordinate signals and in-flight GPS signals to deploy a torpedo at a remote location that avoids the limitations and hazards attendant conventional deployment by full size aircraft. A gliding rigid winged unmanned aircraft carries the torpedo to a desired remote location. A GPS receiver on the aircraft enters GPS coordinate signals representative of the remote location and receives GPS signals representative of the location of the unmanned aircraft. A control signal generator produces control signals in response to both of the GPS signals and feeds control signals to servos that displace control surfaces to pilot the unmanned aircraft. The torpedo is released and descends via parachute in response to GPS signals that are representative of at least the proximity of the remote location. This system provides for clandestine deployment of a torpedo without exposing manned aircraft to danger.

Robert C. Woodall, Jr., Felipe Garcia

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Patent Issue Date: 
October 25, 2001
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