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Preparation and Uses of Locked-Ring Sugar C-Glycoside Derivatives

A process for producing derivatives of C-glycosides called “locked-ring sugars” wherein the ring of the sugar molecule remains intact without the need for any protecting groups. The C-glycosides can be conjugated to biotin via a hydrazine or ozime based linker. The “locked-ring sugar” biotin hydrazones bind to streptavidin.

• The “locked-ring: sugar derivatives including biotin hydrazones retain the antigenic properties of their parent sugars
• The process is simple to preform using water as the reaction solvent, at mild temperatures, with readily available starting materials and is nearly quantitative.

• ELISA assay kit market
• Capture and purification of antibodies that can recognize cell-surface carbohydrate motifs
• Lectin recognition based products
• Other techniques based on biotin-streptavidin binding


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