Available Technology

Process for broad-spectrum permanent antimicrobial cotton fibers

A synthetic procedure has been developed that imbues persistent antimicrobial activity against fungi in addition to Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria via copper oxide nanoparticles produced within cotton fibers. The manufacturing process can proceed at ambient temperatures without the use of chemical binding or reducing agents. The resulting nano-functionalized cotton fibers exhibit robust leach resistance during use and repeated laundering, and serve as a source for biocidal copper ions, regenerating the antimicrobial activity with each laundering.

• Powerful: kills >99.995% of fungi and Gram-positive & Gram-negative bacteria
• Durable: maintains antimicrobial functionality even after 50 laundering cycles
• Pure: comprised of only cotton and copper oxide nanoparticles; no chemical additives
• Adaptable: cotton fibers can be blended in the fabrication of all woven or nonwoven textile products

• Medical textiles (surgical masks and gowns, hospital curtains and bedding, etc.)
• Apparel (socks, underwear, athleticwear, military apparel, etc.)
• Home textiles (mattresses, blankets, etc.)
• Wound dressings and hygiene products
• Packaging for food and non-food items

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