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Process for CO2 capture using a regenerable magnesium hydroxide sorbent

A process for CO2 separation using a regenerable Mg(OH)2 sorbent. The process absorbs CO2 through the formation of MgCO3 and releases water product H2O. The MgCO3 is partially regenerated through direct contact with steam, which acts to heat the magnesium carbonate to a higher temperature, provide heat duty required to decompose the magnesium carbonate to yield MgO and CO2, provide an H2O environment over the magnesium carbonate thereby shifting the equilibrium and increasing the potential for CO2 desorption, and supply H2O for rehydroxylation of a portion of the MgO. The mixture is polished in the absence of CO2 using water product H2O produced during the CO2 absorption to maintain sorbent capture capacity. The sorbent now comprised substantially of Mg(OH)2 is then available for further CO2 absorption duty in a cyclic process.

Robert W. Stevens, Jr.

Ranjani V. Siriwardane

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
July 25, 2013
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