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Pseudomonas Fluorescens Inhibit Annual Bluegrass and Rough Bluegrass Root Growth and Germination

A biocontrol agent effective for controlling annual bluegrass and rough bluegrass root growth and seed germination comprising of one or more Pseudomonas fluorescens strains. Also provided are methods for use of these biocontrol agents to control the growth of annual bluegrass and rough bluegrass.


•  The biocontrol agent does not inhibit the growth of desired grasses, such as turfgrasses, cereal crops and native plants
•  May be applied to the soil and/or seeds in the fall with inhibition occurring in subsequent years
•  Can also be used in combination with herbicides and/or fertilizer



•  Inhibits the growth of annual bluegrass and/or rough bluegrass when they are most actively growing and out-competing desired plants (e.g., turfgrass, crops, and native plants)
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