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Pseudomonas Species for Weed Suppression and Annual Grass Weed Management

Pseudomonas fluorescens strain ACK55 is a naturally occurring soil bacterium that selectively inhibits the root development of cheatgrass, medusahead, and jointed goatgrass. This biologically based herbicide reduces these annual grass weeds, over time, in cropland, turf, rangeland, and roadsides. Methods are provided for the isolation and use of weed-suppressive P. fluorescens. ARS is pursing regulatory approval for use of strain ACK55.


•  These bacteria are a cost-effective and long-term control method  alternative to herbicides.
•  Use can lead to reduction in wildfires, as well as, improved cropland yields and rangeland forage potential.



•  The bacteria can be used to coat seeds or added directly to soil.  These strains provide species specific control of invasive grasses and do not cause major change to the soil microbial community.
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36.17 + 140.13
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