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Quad shaft contrarotating homopolar motor

A homopolar motor features radially inner and outer pairs of axially aligned rotor drums to which axially aligned drive shafts are respectively connected and extend therefrom through an outer motor housing to drive a corresponding number of propellers located in axial spaced relation to each other outside of the housing for rotation about a common axis. A magnetic shield is fixedly mounted within the housing to enclose the rotor drums within a magnetic field established by disk and ring magnets positioned within the radially inner pair of the rotor drums. Current collector brushes maintain electrical contact between the rotor drums and a source of DC electrical energy supplied through a power input tube to the magnetic shield from a location between opposite axial ends of the housing. The drive shafts journaled within the housing extend from either opposite axial ends of the housing or from only one axial end of the housing to the propellers.

William A. Lynch, Neal A. Sondergaard

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Patent Issue Date: 
May 11, 2006
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