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Radar system having a ferroelectric phased array antenna operating with accurate, automatic environment-calibrated, electronic beam steering

A radar system has a transceiver and a ferroelectric phased array antenna. The antenna includes a plurality of radiating elements each connected to a ferroelectric phase shifter. The transceiver and the phase shifters are coupled for conveyance of radio frequency signals therebetween. A beam control computer calculates phase shifter control voltages which are applied to a beam correction computer. A temperature sensor is coupled to each phase shifter to provide feedback temperature values to the beam correction computer. A data table in the beam correction computer provides phase shifter correction voltages as a function of control voltage amplitudes and temperature values. The beam correction computer uses the data table in determining temperature corrected phase shifter control voltages which are applied to the associated phase shifters.

Dale M. DiDomenico, William C. Drach, Thomas E. Koscica

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February 9, 2001
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