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Embodiments relate to instrumentation configuration for emergency response. Initially, instrument profiles are obtained from an instrument data source, where each instrument profile corresponds to an instrument for emergency response. Criteria are applied to each of the instrument profiles to determine performance scores for the instruments. Scenario sensors are used to collect real-time measurements at a geographic location of an emergency. At this stage, scenario parameters comprising the real-time measurements are obtained from a scenario data source. Each instrument profile is evaluated based on the scenario parameters to determine a suitability index. The performance score and the suitability index of each instrument profile is combined to determine an instrument rating. An instrument subset is selected from the instruments based on the instrument ratings. An instrumentation configuration for the instrument subset is generated, where the instrumentation configuration is used to deploy at least one instrument on a response vehicle or instrument platform.


Derek Burrage

Richard Crout

Sonia Gallegos

Richard W . Gould , JR .

Sean C . McCarthy

Joel Wesson

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March 1, 2018
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