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Real time environmental measurement and reporting system for navigable waterways and method of use

COTS devices are integrated into a system employing custom software and custom hardware and software interfaces to collect and communicate data concerning current flows around fixed structure (e.g., inland locks, bridges, harbor structures, etc.) in various bodies of water (e.g., inland waterways, harbors, canals, etc.). Embodiments comprise: sensors and communications equipment, for example wireless systems that transmit sensor data to a lock house; lock house communications equipment that receive sensor data; a processor, e.g., a personal computer, with installed custom software and interface for processing data; an Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder interfaced to the processor; an AIS installed in vessels to include an electronic vector chart display, such as may be installed in a towboat pilothouse; and an optional web-based database application for lock operators to record dam operation scenarios that may be used in research, investigations, and the like.

Michael F. Winkler, W. Scott Noble

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Patent Issue Date: 
August 6, 2010
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