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Real time measurement system for seed cotton or lint

A process of utilizing machine vision for processing in a cotton gin monitors a flow of lint and trash anywhere throughout the cotton gin without impeding or detaining product flow, the measurement being made in real time. A video camera or other electronic photography device takes a multi-spectral image of the trash and lint passing through the cotton gin. The multi-spectral image of the trash and lint is partitioned using spectral values into a trash portion, a lint portion, and at least a third image. In turn, at least the image of trash and lint are themselves formed into a binary image from each of the partitioned images. Thereafter, the binary images of the trash portion and the lint portion to determine the ratio of trash to total lint in the flow of lint and trash. The binary image of the trash can be separately processed to determine the relative amounts of sticks, leaves and burrs present in the trash. This enables individual component control in the serial flow through gins and multiple similar components such as incline cleaners, stick cleaners, and lint cleaners. Further, the binary image of the lint can be spectrally analyzed to determine spatial frequency content of the binary image of the lint portion. This spatial frequency content can be utilized to identify color and tinge of the cotton enabling a processing gin to value probable product output in real time.


Mathew G. Pelletier

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June 20, 2003
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