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Real-time PCR Assays for Selective Detection and Differentiation of B. pertussis, B. parapertussis and B. homesii

CDC researchers developed a real-time PCR assay targeting insertion sequence (IS481) and pertussis toxin subunit 1 (ptxS1) ofBordetella pertussis. This real-time nucleic acid assay offers rapid, sensitive, and quantitative results. The employed primers have been validated through extensive diagnostic testing of 41Bordetellaand 64 non-Bordetellaclinical isolates. This technology can be used to diagnose and distinguishB. pertussis,B. parapertussisandB. homesii, the three most commonBordetellahuman upper respiratory pathogens. A standalone assay or multi-faceted kit may be used.
Validated for the three major pathogens responsible forBordetella-related upper respiratory infections -Rapid, sensitive and quantitative -Easily adapted to kit form -Useful as an added, internal control for presentBordetella pertussisdiagnostics
Kathleen Tatti
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