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Residential Solar Thermal Power Plant

Humanity's quest to trap the sun's radiant energy to provide heat and power is ageless. Now an original and remarkable suite of technologies known as GyroSolé™ captures, stores and exploits solar energy for power production and thermal management, promising to make solar energy more economical than any other source of energy. GyroSolé™ makes the most of an abundant, naturally renewing, and clean energy source. The GyroSolé™ technologies gather solar heat, store it, and convert it to power as needed. It uses a highly-efficient heat-powered engine featuring novel harmonic oscillator valves to generate electricity. Storing energy directly as heat offers tremendous efficiency advantages in combined heating and power systems for many applications. For example, thermal management needs are by far the largest component of typical residential energy consumption. Thermal management tasks include: home heating in winter and home cooling in summer, controlling water temperatures for cooking, cleaning, and laundry, and the refrigeration and freezing of food.
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Physicist Charles L. Bennett at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has developed a suite of exceptional technologies based on solar-thermal energy.
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