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RFID-enabled angular position sensing system

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An angular position sensing system includes a first support with ring-shaped elements disposed thereon and spaced apart from one another in a curvilinear arrangement. Each ring-shaped element includes an electrically-conductive ring and an RFID integrated circuit electrically coupled to its electrically-conductive ring. A second support has an antenna coupled thereto that defines an electrically-conductive path commensurate in size and shape to at least a portion of the electrically-conductive ring. An interrogator transmits a signal to the antenna wherein electric current is generated along the antenna's electrically-conductive path and electromagnetic energy emanates from the antenna. Any ring-shaped element and its RFID integrated circuit energized by the electromagnetic energy generates in response a data transmission for receipt by the interrogator. A processor coupled to the interrogator derives information related to an angular position of one of the first support and second support using the data transmission.
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January 1, 1970
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