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RNAi Strategies for Control of Whitefly

A double stranded RNA that targets genes important for the viability of the whitefly kills. By suppressing expression of key genes, the whitefly dies quickly, reducing whitefly populations on plants treated with these RNA constructs or on modified plants producing the RNAs. Reduced incidence of whitefly numbers and whitefly feeding on plants has the potential to greatly reduce transmission of whitefly-transmitted plant viruses
that infect a wide array of crops.

• Provides broad plant protection against whitefly, Bemisia tabaci, B. argentifolii, and biotypes, by reducing populations
• Could result in a reduction in the use of insecticides in crop production
• Can be applied as topical product or incorporated into plant expressed systems

• Efficacious whitefly suppression to combat pest and the viral pathogens they transmit
• Increase yields by reducing losses to whitefly

Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
105.17 + 75.21
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