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Robotic gesture recognition system

A gesture recognition system enabling control of a robotic device through gesture command by a user is provided, comprising a robotic unit, a video or infrared camera affixed to the robotic unit, computing means, and high and low level of control gesture recognition application code capable of enabling the system to locate points of left hand, right hand, upper torso and lower torso of the user in the video imagery and convert it to waveform data, correlate the waveform data to user command data, and form corresponding control voltage command(s) for production of electric current voltage(s) to drive one or more of the electric motors or actuators of the robotic device to thereby control same. In addition, a computer software program is provided for use in the gesture recognition system described above.

Larry Venetsky, Jeffrey W. Tieman

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Patent Issue Date: 
November 20, 2009
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