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Rotating shutter system for hostile laser source location technique

A hostile laser source location technique employs a television camera in conjunction with a rotating shutter to pinpoint the location of a hostile laser source without placing the pilot/operator at risk for eye damage. For an attack scenario the pilot/operator could then make changes in his tactics to negate the source or to continue his attack run. The shutter made of high optical density material (e.g., OD-4), except for an open aperture, provides optics protection for the camera system from both damage and dazzle. A detector is used to detect the laser pulse (flash) which immediately signals the proper frame to be frozen on a monitor. The laser source appears as a bright spot and is easily pinpointed.

Vernon H. Ayre, Richard D. Milton, John K. Dempsey, William F. Otto

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September 28, 2001
(256) 876-3552
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