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Rotational canted-joint missile control system

The Rotational Canted-Joint Missile (RCJM) Control System utilizes a single or multiple body joints that rotate in planes that are not perpendicular to the missile body axis. The result is the deflection of a portion of the missile body for flight control purposes. The canted interface plane between any two adjacent movable sections of the missile body and a joint at the interface plane that allows one of the sections to be rotated by a pre-determined angle with respect to the other section comprise a rotational plane mechanism that offers an inclined bearing plane with a large mechanical advantage over typical brute force" ball joint methods."

Stephen C. Cayson, Roger P. Berry, Lamar M. Auman, Mark D. Dixon, Daniel F. Lawless, J. C. Dunaway, David A. Gibson

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Patent Issue Date: 
December 11, 2003
(256) 876-3552
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