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Scalable Scientific and Engineering Software for HPC Platforms

LLNL supports the nation’s security by providing solutions to pressing scientific and engineering challenges with its leading supercomputing expertise and resources. The computational capabilities present in today’s top supercomputers will be available for industrial application by the end of this decade, yet availability of highly scalable commercial codes and their integration into existing business workflows present barriers to adoption for the American private sector. Scaling existing scientific and engineering codes to run on next-generation platforms can reduce these barriers and enable software vendors and their customers to take advantage of high performance computing (HPC).
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LLNL offers opportunities for joint software development to bridge the gap between the capabilities of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) of scientific and engineering application codes and HPC users’ needs. Successful relations will yield a greater number of commercial codes available to run on HPC platforms, software with expanded features and improved performance, and wider availability and usability of existing HPC codes.
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