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Self-contained compressed-flow generation device for use in making differential measurements

A device used in making differential measurements of a flow includes a flow obstruction and a support arm. The flow obstruction's forward portion is a nose cone. The flow obstruction's aft portion is coupled to the nose cone. The support arm's first end is coupled to an exterior wall of a conduit, and its second end is coupled to the forward portion of the flow obstruction. The support arm positions the flow obstruction in the conduit such that a flow region is defined around its nose cone, and such that the support arm's first and second end are separated from one another with respect to a length dimension of the conduit. Measurement ports are provided in the support arm and flow obstruction. Manifolds extending through the flow obstruction and support arm couple the ports to points at the exterior wall of the conduit.
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Researchers at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center have developed a suite of adaptable flow measurement devices that can be easily installed without compromising the structural integrity of existing conduits. With their simple installation procedures, the devices can be removed or exchanged without difficulty, allowing for temporary or extended use. The design is in-situ and self-contained, taking measurements from within the conduit, thereby offering more accuracy and allowing for opportunities to modify system operating parameters. Some of the designs can be used to mix the flow or inject a second fluid into the stream.

Easy installation: does not compromise configuration or integrity of existing conduits


Process facilities: chemical, petrochemical, food

Power generation facilities

Gas production and distribution facilities

Water and waste-water facilities

Aerospace: fuel flow measurement

Pool/spa flow systems


Raymond J. Cronise

John Dwight England

Anthony R. Kelley

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September 26, 2014
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