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Shaped charge including structures and compositions having lower explosive charge to liner mass ratio


An improved shaped charge apparatus and method of manufacturing is provided including a composite wave shaper, a main charge, and a metal liner. An exemplary embodiment's wave shaper can be adapted to manipulate a shock front so that an interaction of the main charge and the metal liner occurs lower along the liner's profile such that the apparatus restricts an initial elongation of a resulting jet. An embodiment can have a thickness of the metal liner sufficient to provide a mass necessary to generate a first size diameter aperture in a target material. An embodiment an also provide a combination of the liner thickness and shock interaction point resulting in the jet having an improved length to diameter ratio among other advantages. An embodiment of the invention can also provide other advantages such as an explosive to mass ratio of less than 3 or 2 to 1.


M. Murphy; K. Hovden; E. Scheid

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Engineering, Pyrotechnics, Explosives
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March 22, 2016
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