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Shipboard wave measurement system

The shipboard wave measurement system (SWMS) makes measurements as a function of time of vehicle position, range from the vehicle to the water's surface, and vehicle heave, pitch and roll to compute the height, direction, period and wavelength of the principal ocean wave component. Since the vehicle is moving, the wave heights measured are at different spatial locations, as well as at different times, and the observed wave height signal is Doppler shifted. The SWMS is composed of a positioning device, a timing device, a wave height estimator (WHE), a Doppler Integrator (DI) and a computer. The positioning device measures the vehicle's position, the timing device provides accurate time referencing for the vehicle position and wave height measurements. The wave height estimator measures range to the water's surface from the vehicle and vehicle vertical acceleration, pitch and roll and generates wave height at specific instants of time. The Doppler integrator receives the time referenced wave height signal from storage and generates the frequency and height of the principal wave component, both as a function of time. Wave direction, period and wavelength are determined from the wave frequency and vehicle position data using a least-squares approach.

Brian S. Bourgeois

Andrew B. Martinez

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
June 7, 2002
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