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This method provides a system for layering metal features on a polymer layer on a matrix. An electronic apparatus/device can be produced by the system. 

Contact: Yash Vaishnav, Vaishnav1@llnl.gov

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The following portfolio offers many solutions to common challenges faced by researchers and manufactures who operate in the microelectrode fabrication space. Many of the disclosed inventions pertain to Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and will find use in a wide variety of devices.


The inventions within this portfolio could be applied in various industries for a wide range of applications. They may find use wherever a system of metallization in an integrated flexible polymer microsystem is needed, such as: monitoring cargo shipments; tracking troops, individual personnel, and vehicle movement; and detecting chemical and biological signatures associated with various threats.

Additional applications may include: epiretinal, subretinal, and cortical artificial vision implants; cochlear implants, neurological implants, spinal cord implants, and other neural interface implants; implantable and transdennal drug delivery devices; arrays for deep brain stimulation, spinal cord reattachment, nerve regeneration, cortical implants; drug delivery, muscle stimulation and relaxation; flexible displays, conformable circuits, sensors, radios, recorders, cameras, cell phones, computers, calculators, and surveillance devices.

Many of the disclosed inventions are able to withstand severe environmental factors (temperature extremes, water submersion), are self-sufficient (integrated power, electronics, sensing, and communications), and can be fabricated in a bio-compatible manner, for interfacing with neurons and other excitable cells, or for use in other implantable biomedical devices (EEC, ECG, defibrillators, pacemakers, neural stimulators, neural recorders, etc.).

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Micro Electrode Arrays
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