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Slanted Light Interrogation for Cross-correlated Encoder Recording (SLICER)

Currently, there are few reliable methods for recording ultrafast single-shot events over long record lengths. Several applications require measurements of 1 picosecond (ps) or better temporal resolution, with record lengths up to 1 nanosecond (ns). The majority of current measurement systems rely on high electronic bandwidth to perform high speed measurements. These approaches generally trade off amplitude resolution for temporal resolution and currently only achieve at best 10ps temporal resolution at the maximum tradeoff.
Patent Abstract: 
LLNL researchers have demonstrated a novel single-shot recording technology for transient optical signals in a time regime of picoseconds to nanoseconds for which currently there is a significant instrumentation gap. The optical switching capability of optical semiconductors can be exploited in a pump-probe style architecture, where an auxiliary pump beam is crossed through the signal to sample a diagonal ‘slice’ of space-time, analogous to a rolling shutter.
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