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Smart Antenna Algorithm

Developed by the Navy, patent-pending Smart Antenna Algorithm (SAA) provides frequency management capabilities across a spectrum of networked Radio Frequency communication devices. The tool determines susceptibility of multiple radios to interference by mathematically modeling radio noise and nonlinearities. SAA uses antenna isolation to map problem frequency nets to antenna pairs having greater isolation. The overall result is a boost to radio performance in order to balance and meet range coverage requirements. Even though the number of possible combinations for assigning frequency nets to antenna elements may be exhaustive, the algorithm finds an accurate solution for the nonlinear optimization problem in real-time. SAA can be used as a communications planner tool, for dynamic frequency trunking, and for rapid, ad-hoc communications set-up for emergency response units.

Patent Abstract: 

An automated, computational, software tool for adaptable, real-time configuration of Live to Virtual (L-V) tactical communications for continuous training environments. In these types of cosite environments, this tool de-conflicts mutual interfering frequencies of antenna pairs against required antenna isolation, thus eliminating the need for expensive couplers and frequency confining tunable filters.


Kotick, David

McCarthy, Peter

Richie, Diane

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Patent Issued
Patent Issue Date: 
November 19, 2016
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