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Solidification and casting:

Patent Abstract: 
LANL has developed a highly parallel, coupled, continuum scale, multi-physics simulation tool called Truchas to aid component manufacturing. Current commercial products are also available for process development, but none incorporate the breadth of models in the current release of Truchas. It is a unique tool because it incorporates all of the continuum physical models necessary to simulate metal casting processes. These models include (i) Periodic behavior of electromagnetic waves and the resultant heat deposited in the components of the manufacturing system. (ii)Transfer of heat within system components and between the components and their environment by conduction, convection, and radiation (with view factors), (iii) Solidification, melting, and allotropic (crystalline) phase changes. These also incorporate the influence of alloy concentrations that can vary within the domain of the alloy (iv) Flow of molten alloy. The flow algorithms deal with dynamic interfaces and permit evaluation of the redistribution of energy and alloy material due to fluid motion, (v) The distortion and dislocation of system components (including mold and the metal product) due to stresses imposed both by temperature changes and by volumetric changes associated with phase change. This model will also accommodate both elastic and plastic response to such stress.
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