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Johnson High School, Huntsville, Alabama started an international magnet program in 1987. One of the courses in the curriculum was in space science. They appealed to Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) when they couldn't find a suitable textbook, nor locate other classes in space science to provide a guideline. MSFC agreed to help and placed the school under an official Adopt-A-School" program. MSFC's chief scientist and others at the space center helped prepare a very comprehensive space science program. Examples of the subjects covered include problems of space travel materials processing in space technology utilization robotics space colonization etc. MSFC followed up by working with Johnson High to determine if the curriculum is generally usable and workable. If it is MSFC may make it available to other schools. MSFC not only developed the space science curriculum; they continue to support the program by sponsoring hands-on activities and tours of space research facilities."
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