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Subsurface Applicator for Dry Manure

A novel, tractor-drawn implement that can apply dry poultry litter in shallow parallel bands beneath the soil surface. It can also be used for subsurface application of other dry bulky soil amendments such as manure, compost, or biochar. This technology utilizes an innovative auger system to crush and distribute dry, untreated poultry litter to soil openers, and no-till technology that minimizes damage to soil structure and perennial crops. It provides uniform litter distribution and precise control of litter application rates, including very low rates that are not feasible with litter spreaders.

• Maximizes nutrient-use efficiency by preventing ammonia-N loss to the atmosphere, even during extended periods of adverse weather
• Improves water quality by preventing more than 90% of litter nutrient losses in storm runoff
• Increases crop yield and/or quality by retaining more nutrients and water in the soil
• Controls nuisance odor problems from litter

• This technology can help farmers utilize organic nutrients more efficiently to increase production while improving air and water quality, especially in perennial pastures and other no-till systems

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