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Super Dielectric Capacitors

A capacitor utilizing a dielectric of a porous, non-electrically conductive, skeletal frame saturated with a liquid containing dissolved ions, capable of achieving dielectric constants in excess of 105. Upon the application of an electric field, ions dissolved in the saturating liquid contained in the pores travel toward the ends of liquid micro volumes creating giant dipoles. The fields of these giant dipoles oppose the applied field, reducing the net field created per unit of charge on the capacitor plates, and effectively increasing charge/voltage ratio, hence capacitance. The dielectric is thus a multi-material mixture comprising both liquid and solid, where the solid serves as a physical framework or skeleton holding the polarizable elements in place, and mobile ions in a liquid solution provide the polarizable element. The liquid utilized is a polar liquid comprising ions and typically displays has an ionic strength of at least 0.1. In some applications, the skeletal frame is a porous material such as an agglomerate of consolidated or unconsolidated material, with individual agglomerates having a specific surface area greater than 0.5 m2 of surface/gram and a mean pore diameter generally between 1-200,000Å. In other applications the skeletal frame is a material such as a polymer sheet having longitudinal channels extending across the electrodes of the capacitor and the polar liquid residing within the channels. The super dielectric capacitor is relatively easily constructed and provides significant advantage over typical “super capacitor” designs.

Patent Number: 
US 10,020,125
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July 10, 2018
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