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Surface launched sonobuoy

A sonobuoy device for tracking and targeting submarines. The sonobuoy device comprises a sonobuoy having aft and forward sections interconnected with each other, fin means mounted on the aft section for flight stabilization of the device during travel above water from the platform, separation means responsive to impact of the device with the water upon completion of the travel thereof for separating the sections of the device from each other, payload means within the forward section of the device for listening for an acoustical signal in response to submergence thereof within the water following the separation of the sections of the device, flotation means mounted within the device and inflated in response to the impact with the water for anchoring the payload means and tethering means connecting the flotation means to the payload means for limiting the submergence thereof while anchored by the flotation means to a predetermined depth at which the payload means receives an acoustical signal. An apparatus comprising the device with a launching system and a method for deploying the device also is disclosed.

Robert C. Woodall, Jr.

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Patent Issue Date: 
November 26, 1999
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