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Surface Treatment for Non-Specular Reflection - TRL 5

A Reflective Surface with an Absorber-like Behavior

The NRAO has developed a method of treating reflective surfaces to reduce undesired reflections causing standing waves leading to signal drop-outs and antenna side lobes. The surface is constructed of small cells such that the relative phase of reflections from individual cells is randomized so that the reflections do not sum constructively or destructively.

Reduction of undesired reflections is typically done by re-orienting or covering the reflecting surfaces with electro-magnetic absorber, but often the surfaces are integral to support structure where it can be expensive to adapt from a simpler design, or exposed to weather where it can be problematic to weather-proof a material not typically exposed to the elements while preserving its absorption capability. In situations where desired signals are weak, emissions from ambient temperature absorber can increase the noise figure of a receiving system rendering it less sensitive than optimum.


G K Watts
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