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System and Method for Improving Power Production in Linear Array Benthic Microbial Fuel Cells

A method for improving power production comprising the steps of providing an existing linear array benthic microbial fuel cell system having an anode and a plurality of cathodes, wherein the anode is an insulated underwater cable buried beneath seafloor sediment, and wherein the plurality of cathodes are configured to be buoyant and to rise above the sea floor, wrapping the insulated underwater cable with carbon fiber bundles and a current collector, wherein the carbon fiber is coated with a binder, securing the carbon fiber bundles and current collector with a web of synthetic fiber, fraying the carbon fiber bundles, creating exposed carbon ends on the cable and removing the binder.

David B . Chadwick

Yolanda Meriah Arias - Thode

Andrew Higier

Lewis Hsu

Kenneth E . Richter

Alex G . Phipps

Gregory W . Anderson

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Patent Issue Date: 
May 5, 2018
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