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System and method for neutralization of mines using robotics and penetrating rods

A system and method to autonomously neutralize mines has a tracked crawler vehicle having a sealed housing, power source, and motor driven track assemblies on opposite sides of the housing. A control/communications module in the housing has a GPS processing receiver section connected to a GPS antenna that extends upwardly to receive GPS signals and generate first control signals. A gun mechanism in the housing is connected to control/communications module and has a breech assembly connected to a gun barrel extending and aiming downwardly through a bottom side of the housing toward a surface beneath the housing. Penetrating rods in the gun mechanism are fired through the gun barrel penetrating the surface and a mine. The mine is neutralized by flooding the mine with ambient water or otherwise disrupting the firing or explosive train including detonators, detonating cord, and/or the electrical continuity of components the mine.

W. Steve Jones, Michael E. Szostkiewicz, Charles D. Woodring

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November 12, 2004
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