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System and method for remotely-operated deployment and retrieval of communication relays

A method involves using a first lift mechanism coupled to a remotely-operated ground vehicle to engage a first communication relay and position it at a first angle above a ground surface. A second lift mechanism coupled to the remotely-operated ground vehicle is then used to engage a second communication relay. With a single motion by the remotely-operated ground vehicle, the second communication relay is positioned at a second angle above the ground surface and the first communication relay at a third angle above the ground surface. The third angle is greater than both the first angle and the second angle. The second angle is greater than or equal to the first angle. The first communication relay may then be deployed by the remotely-operated ground vehicle at a first location and the second communication relay may be deployed at a second location.

Kevin F. Holz, Narek Pezeshkian, Abraham B. Hart, Aaron Bruce Burmeister, Hoa G. Nguyen

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August 28, 2015
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