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System for decontamination of chemical weapons agents using solid sorbent with liquid decontamination solution

A chemical warfare (CW) agent decontamination system and method for decontaminated surfaces contaminated by CW agents. The system includes both solid particles and liquid solution in admixture such that the solid particles absorb the liquid decontamination material. The method of decontaminating surfaces contaminated with CW agents includes contacting the CW agent with a sufficient amount of a solid-particle sorbent for a sufficient time and under conditions which are sufficient to produce a reaction product having less toxicity than the CW agent. CW agents to be decontaminated include the nerve agents VX and G-type agents, and mustard agent HD. The system is non-toxic and has a reduced environmental impact as compared to the previously available decontamination systems and solutions.
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October 2, 2012
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