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System for in-stride identification of minelike contacts for surface countermeasures

A mine identification system includes a surface ship with console and display screen. An untethered unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) has a video camera and high-resolution sonar providing high-resolution images for the screen, a transducer/transceiver projecting acoustic signals representative of the high-resolution signals through water and receiving acoustic control signals from the console. A search-sonar and acoustic transducer are connected to the ship, console, and screen. The search sonar projects acoustic signals and receives portions of the projected acoustic signals that are reflected from mine-like contacts and UUV. The screen displays low resolution images of mine-like contacts and UUV from the reflected portions, and the acoustic transducer transmits the acoustic control signals from the console through the water to the transducer/transceiver for quickly vectoring UUV to the vicinity of the mine-like contacts to enable identification of mines from high-resolution images.

Sam Richardson

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November 12, 2004
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