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System for Non-invasive Measurement of Nitrogen

A device for making non-invasive measurements of nitrogen (N) elemental content in situ of N containing material. The device is a portable field unit using a neutron generator positioned near the material. The device makes measurements in a large volume and can determine the N content regardless of chemical components present. Results are generated immediately following scanning. The device can be utilized for measuring N in manures or compost or can be used for the detection of large N containing objects such as explosives.

• Non-invasive measurements of N content in material
• Immediate results without sample preparation or laboratory analysis
• Detection of any N containing material without specific laboratory analysis, such as for explosives

• Can be used to measure N content in materials without the costly laboratory analysis. Immediate results allows for no lag time resulting in timely determination of compost processing and N content for fertilizer application. Also, can be used to detect explosives and to determine the likely explosive material type.

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112.15 + 125.19
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