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System for Non-invasive Measurement of Soil Chlorine

A device for making non-invasive measurements of chlorine elemental content in situ from the surface of the soil. The device is a portable field unit using a neutron generator positioned on the surface of the soil to generate fast neutrons that penetrate the soil. The device makes measurements in a large volume of soil and can determine the Cl content regardless of chemical component present. Results are generated immediately following scanning. The device can be utilized for the remediation of contaminated soil for contaminates such as polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and perchlorate.

• Non-invasive measurements of CI content in soil
• Large volume soil sampling and immediate results
• Detection of any Cl containing contaminate without specific laboratory analysis

• This device can be used to detect Cl containing contaminates without the costly soil sampling, preparation, and laboratory analysis normally required. The large sample volume reduces uncertainty from site sampling and immediate results facilitates planning for soil remediation.

Patent Number: 
Internal Laboratory Ref #: 
125.19 + 112.15
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