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System for tracking maritime domain targets from full motion video

A method and system are provided for processing maritime video data to improve processing time and reduce the risk of false detection. Video data input may be received from satellites, aircrafts, UAVs and other aerial vehicles. The method and system create annotated video output files indicating the location of tracked anomalies. The method and system perform an anomaly detection function on each data frame within the video input, identify anomalous regions within each data frame, and identify clusters. The method and system then perform an algorithm to discard clusters which do not meet threshold criteria to reduce the risk of false detection, as well as employ a horizon detection algorithm to eliminate superfluous image data unrelated to tracking maritime targets.

Joshua S. Li, Heidi L. Buck, John C. Stastny, Corey A. Lane, Eric C. Hallenborg, Bryan D. Bagnall

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March 17, 2015
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