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Systems and methods for real-time horizon detection in images

Methods for detecting a horizon in an image with a plurality of pixels can include the step of blurring the image with a noise filter, then dividing the image into an M×N matrix of sub-blocks S. For each sub-block S, horizon features can be coarse-extracted by defining an r-dimensional vector having P feature values for each sub-block S and clustering each r-dimensional vectors into two clusters using a k-means statistical analysis. The corresponding sub-blocks S corresponding to the two clusters can be masked with a binary mask. The methods can further include the step of fine-extracting the horizon features at a pixel level for each sub-block Si, j and sub-block Si1, j when the binary mask changes value from sub-block Si1 j to said sub-block Si, j, for i=1 to M and j=1 to N.

Gracie Bay Young, Shibin Parameswaran, Corey A. Lane, Bryan D. Bagnall

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May 5, 2016
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