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Target trailing with safe navigation with colregs for maritime autonomous surface vehicles

Systems and methods for operating autonomous waterborne vessels in a safe manner. The systems include hardware for identifying the locations and motions of other vessels, as well as the locations of stationary objects that represent navigation hazards. By applying a computational method that uses a maritime navigation algorithm for avoiding hazards and obeying COLREGS using Velocity Obstacles to the data obtained, the autonomous vessel computes a safe and effective path to be followed in order to accomplish a desired navigational end result, while operating in a manner so as to avoid hazards and to maintain compliance with standard navigational procedures defined by international agreement. The systems and methods have been successfully demonstrated on water with radar and stereo cameras as the perception sensors, and integrated with a higher level planner for trailing a maneuvering target.

Yoshiaki Kuwata

Michael T. Wolf

Dimitri V. Zarzhitsky

Hrand Aghazarian

Terrance L. Huntsberger

Andrew B. Howard

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
November 18, 2012
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