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Technique For Thermal Desorption Analyses of Thermo Labile Volatile Compounds

An apparatus and method for the analysis of volatile organic compounds released by, for example, plants or insects. The apparatus is designed for adaption to existing GC/MS systems and utilizes a splitless injector as the desorption oven with a liquid CO2 cooled low thermal mass cryo trap.


•  A solvent free injection technique that utilizes a desorption oven and a cold trap where effluents are collected until flash heated onto a GC column
•  Eliminates the need to dedicate a GC/MS system for thermal desorption by being designed as an integral part of a standard split/splitless GC injector which is used as the desorption oven but still can be used as a normal injector without any additional changes
•  Eliminates the need for flash heating of volatile compounds
•  The cold trap eliminates losses due to aerosol formation



•  Natural product chemistry and chemical ecology laboratories
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