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Three-dimensional vortex wake cancelling jet propulsion method

An underwater propulsion system and method are more efficient and reduce vortex wake effects. A submersible has a cylindrically-shaped hull, a nose portion connected forward and a sinusoidal-shaped tapered portion aft coaxially symmetrically disposed around a longitudinally extending axis. The tapered portion has a leading end the same diameter as the hull, a symmetrical apex at its trailing end on the longitudinal axis, and symmetrical rounded laterally extending contours and rounded longitudinally extending contours. An internal pump creates volumes of pressurized water from ambient water for equal-distantly-spaced-apart jets extend through the tapered portion in a circumferential row extending around the tapered portion. The jets point in an asymptotical relationship with respect to a down slope surface of the tapered portion and emit jetted water that creates a spinning toroidal vortex of swirling jetted water along the down slope of the tapered portion.

Felipe Garcia

Robert C. Woodall, Jr.

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
August 27, 2004
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