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Towing rocket motor assembly

A towing rocket motor assembly has a tubular solid propellant grain defined by exterior surface area and interior surface area. The exterior surface area is inhibited from ignition within a tubular region of a housing. The housing includes a first end and a second end at either end of the tubular region. The first end defines a plenum having an annular region defined by a diameter larger than that of the tubular region. A plurality of holes formed in the first end communicate with the annular region and are directed substantially in the direction of the second end of the housing. A burn-inhibiting baffle is fitted in the propellant grain wherein an annular spacing is defined between the baffle and the interior surface area of the propellant grain. An ignition assembly, mounted at the second end of the housing, is coupled to the interior surface area of the propellant grain so that the propellant grain burns from the inside out upon ignition. Burn gases are exhausted through the holes in the annular region of the first end of the housing.

Felipe Garcia

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January 17, 2003
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