Available Technology

Tropexx – Blending System

The Tropexx Blending System is a high-resolution blending system that works with gases, vapors and volatile (readily vaporizable) liquids in addition to moisture. Tropexx can be used to check instrument calibration by substantiating, within parts per million, the accuracy of instrument readings. It also is a high-precision laboratory tool for blending gases and vapors for application in corrosion and material evaluation studies.
Patent Abstract: 
User-selected blending range -Back-pressure control valve and regulator -Compact design -Programmable for repetitive or complex application
Versatile – Able to handle varying degrees of pressure -Steady – Allows consistent flow rates of output -Precise – Supplies uniform moisture into dry gas -Portable – Can be used for field testing -Cost Effective – Reduces the cost of calibration and redundant instruments
Patent Status: 
Development- TRL 8 - Technology has been proven to work in its final form and under expected conditions.
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