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Turbine engine differential-pressure torque measurement system

Applicant's Differential-Pressure Torque Measurement System generates the torque signal from a differential gas pressure measured across the power turbine. The gas pressure differential is measured by using two pressure taps, the first tap taking the pressure reading of the expanding gas as the gas travels from the gas-generating turbine to the power turbine of the engine and the second tap taking the pressure reading of the gas as it escapes the engine through the exhaust port. The differential between the two pressure readings is determined. The pressure differential is then input to a processor which processes it in a pre-determined fashion along with the rotational speed signal of the power turbine, initial pressure and the temperature measurements of the air as the air is initially inlet into the engine. The result of the processing are various engine parameter indications including the torque.

Bernard N. Acker

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June 30, 2006
(256) 876-3552
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