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Universal smart fuze for unmanned aerial vehicle or other remote armament systems

An unmanned aerial vehicle is equipped to carry a payload of explosives for remote delivery upon a target. The vehicle includes a small TV camera, global positioning system, and auto pilot homing target software. The modified vehicle is capable of being detonated upon an impact or selectively while still in flight. Vehicle flight is monitored by an operation person at a ground control station. The vehicle includes universal smart fuze circuitry for enabling the multiple functions for the vehicle and for enabling communications/commands from the operator at the ground control station. The fuze continuously communicates aspects of fuze status back to the ground control station; measures flight velocity by sensing air speed of the UAV; arms/disarms an explosives warhead package in the vehicle; in flight fires the explosives or else detonates the explosives warhead package upon impact with a select target. The camera images are communicated back to the operator who can make a decision on completing/aborting a mission. The wind speed indications, also fed back to the operator, can further aid in verifying a successful launch/good flight for decision of completing/aborting a mission.

Daniel Vo, Lloyd D. Khuc, Nicholas Cali

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September 9, 2016
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