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Vaccine Composition and Adjuvants

This invention relates to novel compositions, including immunocontraceptive vaccines, and particularly to novel adjuvants for use therein. Gonadotropin releasing hormone ("GnRH", also known as Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone, or "LHRH"), has long been recognized as being of central importance to the regulation of fertility in animals. In recent years, GnRH neutralization has been used as an effective means of contraception in a variety of animals. Traditionally, vaccines are prepared using a combination of an immunologically effective amount of an immunogen of interest together with an adjuvant effective for enhancing the immune response of the animal against the immunogen. This invention employs compositions of mineral oil with low concentrations of killed cells of Mycobacterium avium subspecies avium or Mycobacterium avium complex provide effective enhancement of immune responses and thus are effective for use as adjuvants. Moreover, this adjuvant provides enhanced immune responses which exhibit high, long-lasting antibody titers to the immunogen, even after administration of only a single dose of the vaccine. Therefore, the concentration of the killed cells of Mycobacterium avium are present in an amount effective for inducing immunocontraception of an animal in a single dose.


  • The vaccine formulation is currently registered as a pesticide with the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) for controlling fertility in pest species.
  • The vaccine formulation is currently approved by the US EPA and many states for use in managing wild white-tailed deer and wild and feral horses and burros.  A registration is expected in fall 2021 for managing fertility in prairie dogs.  The formulation has application in a variety of pest species
  • The vaccine formulation is a candidate for seeking license from the US Food and Drug Administration for companion animal and livestock uses.
  • Patent Application Number 10,434,171 (Microfluidized Mycobacterium Avium Fragments as an Adjuvant and Carrier For Mucosal Vaccine Delivery), is based on the same vaccine formulation.
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