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Valve automated in-situ cleaning system for oil water separator

An oil/water separator tank having intake, discharge and vent fittings is conditioned for in-situ cleaning of the oil separator plate stacks positioned therein by selective opening of manual valves connected to each of such fittings. When so conditioned by opening of the manual valves, the in-situ cleaning is performed during repeated operational phases under automated control of solenoid operated and motor driven valves through which a plurality of sequential operational steps are performed, consisting of (a) low pressure air injected into an air sparging array within the separator tank, (b) supply of potable water into a mixing tank; (c) mixing of the potable water with the cleaning agent within the mixing tank; (d) introduction of the cleaning agent after the mixing thereof into the separator tank to enhance in-situ cleaning by dispersing the low pressure air from the air sparging array; and (e) drainage of collected waste oil from the separator tank into a waste oil tank.

Mitchell E. Price

Richard R. Leung

Stephan J. Verosto, Jr.

Mario Angelo DiValentin

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
June 20, 2008
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