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Versatile Vials

Advanced Fuel Research, Inc. (AFR) developed a new sol-gel material coating for sample vials to be used in surface-enhanced Raman (SER) spectroscopy. In the fields of biomedical and forensic science, the coated vials are used to identify physiological chemicals present in blood and urine. The vials are used in the pharmaceutical industry in the area of drug development and discovery. In the drug enforcement field, using the vials helps with detection of trace amounts of drugs on surfaces. The SER vials will also help to identify contaminants in water sources, such as various inorganics and pesticides. The new vials have advantages over other SER materials. Former products required that samples be pre-mixed or dissolved into specific solvents or reagents. The SER vials do not have these limitations, and measurements can be performed using any solvent. Furthermore, the signal appears in less than one second. The sol-gel material will stay active for at least one year and the vials are compatible with any Raman spectrometer. Most importantly, the SER activity can be duplicated from vial-to-vial, allowing for reproducible results.
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